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Cozumel ATV Tour & Snorkeling

Tour Time: 8:30AM, 10:30AM,                  12:30PM & 2:30PM  

Price: Shared ATV (2 guests Per ATV)

                  $70 USD Per Person

              Single Rider (1 guest Per ATV)

                    $89 USD Per Person

Duration: 4 hours

All-inclusive ATV Excursion in Cozumel

On our Cozumel ATV Tours you’ll get to discover the most magnificent part of the Island, which is on the Other Side of Cozumel ( East Coast of Cozumel). Where you will experience an adventure of a lifetime. Our experienced tour guides will guide you along the best paths to the most breathtaking sites. The Other Side of the Island offers secluded beaches and natural virgin jungle terrain to go off-roading. No other ATV tour offers off-roading on beaches, let alone hidden beaches. You will ride through lush jungles and beautiful beaches, with magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea. After being in business for over twenty years, our family knows how to provide our guests with the ultimate adventure in Cozumel. 

What's included in our Cozumel ATV Tours

Ride on the Beach & Jungle


Take an outdoor adventure on our ATV tour, and experience an adventure of a lifetime. Take in the scenic views, and secret spots in Cozumel. This unique Cozumel ATV tour adventure will take you places in Cozumel most tourists will never get to see and experience. Explore the Cozumel jungle with our professional bilingual guides, who are always fun and entertaining.

Our Cozumel ATV Jungle and Snorkel Excursion allows you get away from the crowds, and venture Cozumel's off road Jungle trails and hidden beaches to experience Cozumel's amazing sights and sounds. Voted the best Cozumel ATV Tour Adventure in Cozumel Mexico. You'll have the opportunity to relax on a gorgeous beach at a spectacular beach club during your Cozumel ATV Excursion.

Our ATV Tour in Cozumel is an amazing Off-Road Jungle Excursion in Cozumel, that is approximately over 4 hours in total. Followed by a guided underwater snorkeling adventure from a gorgeous private beach club where you'll get to relax on after your snorkel tour.

Discover Mayan Ruins


Beach Club, Snorkeling & Lunch


Transportation from Cruise


Is it Safe?


Ride into the Cozumel jungle, and onto ancient roads where Mayans use to roam these paths. You’ll learn about the ancient Mayan Culture and Civilization with your professional guide. Discover Mayan Ruins on your ATV journey through the jungles of Cozumel. You will find the most rugged trails and rocky terrains available anywhere in Cozumel. These paths are only accessible with all-terrain vehicles.

Don't forget about the delicious Mexican meal we provide as part of the ATV excursion. Enjoy Mexican fajitas at our beautiful private beach club. You will get a guided snorkel tour, at the best reefs accessible from the shore. Afterwards, you will have access to the private beach club where you can use the facilities. There are showers, bathroom, pool, beach, lounge chairs, bar, hammocks and much more. Our ATV adventure tour offers so much more, for so much less.

You'll meet from an easily accessible meeting location, within walking distance of the cruise piers. Then you'll take a 15 min air-conditioned van ride to the other side of Cozumel. This is where you will begin your incredible off-road adventure and Snorkel Tour. This Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure and Snorkel tour explores Cozumel's inland Rainforest's, an ancient Mayan Cave, and a small Mayan ruin while cruising on your Cozumel ATV 4 Wheeler.

Right before you take your thrilling Cozumel ATV Adventure, your guides will brief you on the safe operation of using an ATV QUAD, a you'll be provided with a helmet. This is an amazing Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure in Cozumel, where we always make sure your safety and security are first priority. There are no steep hills or dangerous crevasses to maneuver around during the Cozumel ATV Tour. Our Cozumel ATV Tours have been enjoyed by guests of all ages, however, it is a wild ride! Be prepared to get dirty on this ATV Excursion in Cozumel Mexico! We make sure the ATVs are safe and easy to operate.

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