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Private Cozumel Catamaran Tour


Price: $1000 for 20 guests +$60 each additional guest and up to 30

Duration: 4½-5 ½ hours

Transportion:  INCLUDED

Private Cozumel Catamaran Snorkeling & El Cielo Tour

We are a small family tour operator in Cozumel that has been providing our famous Cozumel Snorkel excursion for over 25 years with over 2,400 reviews. Rated the #1 Snorkel tour operator in Cozumel for many years. What makes our snorkel tours unique, is the fact that we only provide small group tours for our guests. We place around 12 snorkel guests in our snorkel boats that can fit 18 comfortably. But we do accommodate large groups of up to 50 guests. This allows for a more comfortable snorkel experience, and more personalized experience for our guests with our professionally certified guides. If you have more than 8 people in your group, you may ask for a private boat at no additional cost. WE ARE THE ONLY TOUR OPERATOR WHO PROVIDES TRANSPORTATION FROM CRUISE PIERS, RESORTS/HOTELS (within cozumel) & FERRY AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

What's included in our Cozumel Snorkeling Tour

3 of the Best Reefs in Cozumel


El Cielo Cozumel Sandbar


Transportation Included & No Hidden fees


What will you see?


Our family takes our guests to the very best Cozumel reefs, which are Palancar Reef & Colombia Reef. Other tour operators dont take their guests snorkeling there because the tour usually lasts 2 hours, compared to ours which is over 4 hours. Our Cozumel Snorkeling tour takes you out longer than most, giving you an opportunity to truly experience the spectacular sights of each coral reef. We take you to a reef in Cozumel that others don’t. We discovered a gorgeous snorkel location where its a shallow reef that has lots of colorful sea fans, and will most likely get up close and personal with a sea turtle when snorkeling there.

After your breath-taking snorkel tour to the best Cozumel snorkeling spots, we like to take our guests to El Cielo Cozumel, which is a shallow area in the Caribbean about a half mile from the Cozumel shore, that has crystal clear water & white powdered sand that massages your feet every step you take in Cielo. It’s the perfect place to relax after snorkeling Cozumel.

The water reaches your waist and is the perfect place to relax and have some refreshments & food. Enjoy the day at Starfish Beach Cozumel and have the time of your life after your exciting snorkeling in Cozumel.

We will prepare our famous guacamole right in front of you. You’ll have your choice of drinks from soda, beer (Corona, Sol etc) liquor (Tequila etc.) and iced cold water. There are no limit on how much you drink, and always make sure to have plenty of food and drinks on board. We have never ran out of beer and don’t plan on it. We also chop up some delicious fruit. If you have any specific requests for food or drinks, please feel free to let us know on our reservation page, under the additional comments. Let us know if you have a birthday or special event you would like to celebrate, and we'll make sure you have an amazing celebration with cake and anything else you would like to include during your snorkel tour in Cozumel.

We provide transportation, and located next to the cruise piers where we use the dock there to pick up our guests. Marine park fees included. Make sure that the tour operator has Marine Park permits, because many do not and are not allowed to snorkel/dive in the Marine Park, which includes Palancar Reef, Colombia Reef & El Cielo Sandbar. They no longer provide permits, and if you are on a boat that doesn't, it could ruin your day in Cozumel.

Cozumel is the best destination to snorkel and dive so the possibilities of sea creatures to observe are endless. Our professional snorkel guides have been working with us for many years, and know the entire reef system perfectly, and know where to find specific sea creatures. We normally see sea turtles, as Cozumel has the best Eco system for them. If you have something specific you would like to see, feel free to ask and we will take you to where you will see one. We take you to the best places to snorkel in Cozumel. El Cielo Cozumel bay (Starfish Cozumel) is the perfect place to get the true feeling of paradise during your visit.

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