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Jade Cavern Cozumel “Cenote Chempita”

Updated: May 13

Cozumel, the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities. However, there is one hidden gem that is often overlooked by visitors – the Jade Cavern Cenote. Private Jeep & Jade Cavern Cenote Tour & Private Jeep & ATV to Jade Cavern Cenote Tour

Jade Cavern Cozumel - Cozumel cenote at Jade Caverns

Jade Cavern, located in Cozumel, Mexico, is a mesmerizing cenote that offers a unique glimpse into the beauty of the underground world. This natural wonder is also known as Cenote Chempita, and it is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

mesmerizing cenote that offers a unique glimpse into the beauty of the underground world.

Located in the middle of the island, the Jade Cavern Cenote is a natural pool surrounded by lush vegetation and rock formations. The water is a vibrant shade of green, giving the cenote its name. It is a peaceful and serene spot that offers a refreshing break from the heat and crowds of the island's more popular attractions.

The cenote is accessible by ATV or Jeep through the jungle, which adds to the sense of adventure and discovery. As you make your way to the Jade Cavern, you'll see a variety of tropical trees and plants, and may even catch a glimpse of some of the island's wildlife.

Once you arrive at the cenote, you'll be greeted by the sight of the gorgeous jade water and the natural rock formations that surround it. The water at Jade Cavern is ideal for swimming, and thrill-seekers can even enjoy cliff jumping from the top of the cenote.

In addition to its beauty, Jade Cavern also holds significant cultural and historical value. It was once used by the ancient Mayans for ritual and ceremonial purposes, and artifacts have been found within the cavern that suggest it was an important site for the Mayan civilization. Take one of two of our families private tours to the cavern and learn about its historical significance and the ecology of the surrounding area. Our family is part of the ecological preserve organization and our guides are knowledgeable and passionate about the cenote, and they strive to provide a unique and memorable experience for every visitor.

Discovering Jade Cavern is an unforgettable experience that can be enjoyed in two different ways with our family private tours. You can choose either the Private Jeep & Jade Cavern Cenote Tour or the Private Jeep & ATV to Jade Cavern Cenote Tour, both of which are all-inclusive.

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